Black Hills 

Renaissance Festival 

June 15th-16th, 2024

Recreational Springs Resort

11201 US Hwy 14a, Lead, SD 57754 

Huge Announcements!

🎉 Hark, goodly lords, lairds and ladies, gallant knights, mythical cryptids, and fair maidens! 🎉

'Tis with great joy and merriment that we doth make proclamation of a most splendid tidings! The winds of change bloweth favorably upon us as we announce the grand relocation of the esteemed Black Hills Renaissance Festival to the illustrious grounds of Recreational Springs Resort!

Verily, our humble festival hath grown in stature and renown, drawing folk from far and wide to revel in the delights of yore. With hearts brimming with jubilation, we declare that our new abode, Recreational Springs Resort, provideth ample space to accommodate our ever-expanding merrymaking! Do no fret about our magical friends at the park or Aspire Boutique! We have some great plans that will still incorporate them in our merrymaking and mischief! We'll announce more soon!

Prepare thy souls for an even grander spectacle, for with this newfound expanse cometh a plethora of opportunities for more merry mischief and jolly jesting. Envisioneth, if thou wilt, a landscape adorned with the vibrant hues of our Renaissance spirit, where troubadours serenade, artisans craft wondrous treasures, and jousters clash in feats of chivalry! That's right, another big announcement! Our fair friends, Order of Epona are coming back and ready to fully immerse you in the Festival!

The essence of the Renaissance shall permeate every nook and cranny of Recreational Springs Resort, transforming it into a veritable haven of revelry and enchantment. As the sun doth rise on the morn of our festival, let all who enter these hallowed grounds be swept away on a journey through time, where the echoes of history resound with laughter and mirth. Rooms, cabins and camping will go fast, so don't wait to book your spot!

So marketh thy calendars and gird thy loins, for the Black Hills Renaissance Festival at Recreational Springs Resort shall be a celebration unlike any other! Come one, come all, and let us make merry together in this wondrous new chapter of our beloved festival's saga!

Huzzah and fairest greetings to thee, from all who labor tirelessly to bring this spectacle to fruition! We will be announcing more amazing performers, special events, and tickets throughout the week! Keep your eye out on our socials! 🏰🎭🍗

Recreational Springs Resort

(Photo courtesy of Chris Yshuta, 2022)

Huzzah to Another Year!

Huzzah! It's a new year! 

With that we can't wait to announce our winners for the 2023 Photo Contest and that our applications for vendors and performers are now open!

Our winners from 2023's Photo Contest who win two free tickets to this year's Festival are Lori Beibert and Tessa Braddy! Your tickets will be at the ticket booth at the festival which you can pick up with your ID! Congrats!

And now, for what many have been anxiously waiting for! Our Applications for Vendors and Performers are open! They will close on March 31st, 2024. Do not hesitate. Our vendor and performer spots fill up quickly.

Vendor Applications

Performer Applications

We have so many new announcements coming up! So keep your eyes open for those! Also, do not forget the Masquerade Fae Ball on February 2nd in Rapid City!

Let's have another amazing year!

With Heavy Hearts

Gentle Lords, Ladies, and Lairds,

It is with a sad heart we must tell you the passing of a great bladesmith. John Ertman, one of our local vendors who has been at the Fest since the beginning, has passed away.

He came to be a favorite amongst our patrons with his standout grey and red tent and finely made blades. Sweet and soft humor, he made all who entered his tent welcome at our little piece of home we've made for everyone.

Our hearts are heavy and we will miss this monumental man. Swift travels, John. May we see you after our own journeys.

Fill to me the parting glass and gather as the evening falls and gently rise and softly call goodnight and joy be to you all.

Black Hills Renaissance Festival

160 W Main St, Lead, SD 57754