(Photo by Sarah Larson)

Commonly Asked Questions

Is this a kid friendly event?

Yes! This is an all ages event and we have many events and activities just for kids!

Can I come in costume?

Please do! We highly encourage it, it's not mandatory but it sure does make it a lot of fun with everyone in costume!

Is this a cash only event?

No. Many vendors will have squares and ways to take payments but just in case bring some cash because some of them don't.

Commonly Asked Questions & Comments


We love the enthusiasm and we are just as excited, but let us finish cleaning up the dragon scorches, axe splinters and mermaid splashes. The minute the dust has settled and we have dates we promise to let you all know when it will be. 

You're staying in Lead, right? Right!

Yes! Yes, we are staying in Lead. This is a fundraiser for the Chamber of Commerce of Lead and we aren't going to wander away as much as the unicorn may have told you otherwise. We are moving to Recreational Springs Resort, but they are still in Lead and the event still goes to fundraise for Lead and the Chamber of Commerce. 

I need to be a part of this now! Where can I sign up for volunteering, performing or being a vendor?

 Applications are up for all of those. Just check them out!

I have so many ideas and feedback to tell you! 

Perfect! We want to hear what's on your mind. Just let our hardworking elves and warriors rest a little and then we'll be posting a feedback form just for you to tell us your ideas. Write down what you are thinking now and keep it for when the feedback form becomes available. 

Is there going to be more to do next year?

Yes! More activities for adults and children is on top of our list of things we're going to improve. As is layout and logistics. We're pretty proud with what we pulled off in just three months of planning but we already have a long list of things we want to improve to make next year even bigger and better.